Geauga County Retired Teachers Association (GCRTA) is a chapter of the Ohio Retired Teachers   Association (ORTA) whose goal is to serve individual retired teacher members in a variety of ways to enhance their lives.

GCRTA meetings will help you stay informed about legislation which can affect your future as a retiree and it will give you a voice in protecting and improving your retirement benefits.

Becoming a member of GCRTA and attending our meetings will help you stay informed concerning legislation that can affect your future as a retiree. Through the retired teacher organizations that are affiliates of the Ohio Retired Teachers Association you have a voice in protecting and improving your retirement benefits.

To become a member, please contact Jean Paine at (440) 286-4992 or use the link below to download a new member registration form.

NEW: A message from your Membership Committee

We hope you are doing well and staying safe.  We love our members!
We are making a small request. There were very few teachers and school employees retiring this year. We contacted and compiled a list of all the retiring Geauga school district teachers and school employees.  We contact these prospective members and offer them free dues for the rest of 2020 and all of 2021 if they join GCRTA this summer. Please know that GCRTA welcomes school employees from anywhere in the United States.

Often our members bring friends or newly retired teachers as guests to our luncheons.  Sadly, that will not happen the rest of this year.  We hope you will be kind enough to let us know about any prospective teacher or school employee who may be interested in our vital organization, even if they were employed in a district outside of Geauga County. We will contact them immediately. GCRTA members need to pull together as a team during these trying times. They always do!  It is this kindness and altruism that makes our association exceptional!

            Warm regards,    Jean l. Paine and Cheryl Sekura working together for Membership

NEW:  Member meetings have been cancelled for the rest of 2020.  Updates will be posted when meetings can be scheduled again hopefully beginning in February 2021.

Due to a variety of circumstances, GCRTA will not be offering Grant-in-Aid scholarships this year.  At this time, there are a number of unresolved issues about opening schools this autumn. Factors that contributed to this decision include uncertainties about how and where classes will be held, and whether or not prospective teachers will be able to complete their student teaching. 

In addition, since we have not been meeting, we have not collected monies that would go to the Grant-in-Aid scholarships.  We are sorry that this combination of
circumstances will suspend awards for this year.  This is one more irregularity in a year that has been filled with them, but we are hoping for better days ahead. 
If you would like to contribute to our Grant-in-Aid Scholarship Fund, please consider sending your donation directly to our Treasurer, Judy Miller (17130 Kinsman Rd. Middlefield, Oh 44062) noting your intention on your check.  It would be greatly appreciated! 


Membership Form for 2021

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Updated 8/6/2020