Teacher Grants

The Geauga County Retired Teachers Association offers grants in amounts up to $250.00 to teachers in any of the public schools in Geauga county.  Grants are intended to be used to support, in part or in whole, an innovative educational project that would otherwise not be possible because of a lack of school funds.

Funds are raised at every chapter meeting by a 50/50 raffle.

Additional donations are from the East Geauga Kiwanis, the Huntsburg Grange, Bob Evans, and author David Hancock who donates proceeds from the sale of his books "The Diary of a Mad Public School Teacher" and "Black Students Face White Teacher: Ruminations and Lamentations" which are available on Amazon in book form and the Kindle edition.

NOTE: The former designation of Teacher Mini Grants was changed to Educational Grants at the October 2017 Executive Committee meeting and is referred to on the web site tabs as "Teacher Grants" to differentiate this program from the grants offered to college seniors.

Application for for Teacher Grants     Deadline is NOV 15.

Please submit by mail to

Cliff Radie
6676 Madison Rd.
Thompson OH  44086

Questions can be sent to radie1986@windstream.net

Deadline: Teacher applications must be received by November 15th of every year.

2019-2020 Recipients

Josephina Ventimigilia - LSD teacher at Kenston Middle School to purchase of a document camera to allow 4th grade students to share their work with the entire class and to communicate creatively in all areas of the curriculum.

Kristen Hendel - pre-K through 6th grade teacher in the Berkshire School District to purchase adapted books to begin an adapted core library.

Sharon Stotts - 7th grade science teacher at Kenston Middle School to install metal sheeting over the cupboards that line her classroom in order to create a vocabulary acquisition word wall..

2019 Recipients

Harry Hoover, High School Math Teacher   Grant to be used for the Ten Marks program to provide Berkshire students with rigorous aligned practice problems in geometry.  It will allow Harry to focus on problem solving at the DOK 2+ level for his students to improve Ohio EOC geometry scores.
Meghan Hull, Grade 7-12 Technology Integration Specialist   Grant to be used to purchase wood, acrylic and other maker’s tools to help complete our classroom makerspace to introduce creative and technical learning in the Berkshire educational community.  The tools purchased would help students digitally design 2D and 3D items to help their creations become a reality.
Jim Lester, High School Math Teacher   Grant to be used for the Introduction to College Math class for a Young Architect 3-D Home Building Kit to complete a unit on ratio, proportions and scale.  The kit will enable students to construct accurate architectural models of past and current Berkshire/Ledgemont buildings in the library of the new Pre-K -12 school being built by the Berkshire School District.

Gregg Sadler, Junior High Reading Teacher   Grant to be used to purchase headphones to supplement remedial reading program for students. The headphones will allow for more efficiency in the reading program MindPlay.

Sarah Cudo, Kindergarten Teacher   Grant to be used to improve the quality and quantity of books for the kindergarten learning centers that focus upon a science or social studies related theme in the current Ohio Learning Standards.  The project will provide Munson students with weekly opportunities to integrate science, social studies and language arts curriculum.
Daniel Dinko and Sharon Zdesar, High School Teachers at Chardon Academy   Chardon Academy is a Credit Recovery & Deficiency Program.  The Academy works primarily with at-risk students and provides additional academic support and intervention service.  The grant will be used for the implementation of a token economy rewards program used for behavior management to increase desirable behavior and decrease undesirable behavior through the use of tokens.
Kelly Moran and  Alexandra Wells, Third Grade Teachers  Grant to be used to purchase six copies of “The Writing Strategies Book” that will guide year-long writing instruction for Grade 3 students.  The responsive process involved will motivate students to write more and write better.

Candace Remington, First Grade Teacher   Grant to be used for incorporating flexible seating options in their first grade classroom that allows for greater communication, collaboration, and focus in a more efficient and engaging classroom.  Students will be able to stay better focused and engaged in daily lessons and activities.
Brenda Sobodosh, Second Grade Teacher   Grant will be used to create a STEM work station within the second grade classroom to promote engineering, creative thinking, cooperative learning, and critical thinking.  Students will be exposed to real-life design and engineering problems utilizing science, technology and math skills to solve those problems.
Beth Stickley, Primary Elementary Art Teacher   Grant to be used to purchase CREDOPOP Pens which can be used to create 3D items and objects without the need for a computer.

Kristine Edwards, First Grade Teacher   The grant will be used to create a “Mindfulness Tool Kit” in collaboration with the school guidance counselor, psychologist, art teachers, and grade level educators.  The teacher resource will contain literature, art therapy materials and supplies to teach primary students how to better cope with personal challenges.

Alissa Bodner, Elementary Music Teacher  The grant will be used to purchase several books authored by music revolutionary, John Feireband, to help students become more tuneful, artful, and acquire a better sense of music beat.  Aid in educational opportunities, such as song tales, story-telling musical compositions, rhythmic literary dictation and music dramatization will be enhanced through the use of the books in the music classroom.

2018 Award Recipients

Berkshire - Lori McBurnie

Cardinal - Sheri Peters

Updated: 10/11/2019