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STRS Member Benefits
   - Dealing with major life events
   - Seminars and counseling
   - Preparing for retirement
   - Ready access to all forms
   - Receiving your benefits
   - Benefit payments
   - Health care
   - Updated health care news

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GCRTA member, Dan MacDonald, attends all STRS meetings and shares his personal insights.
Bob Stein, STRS Board member, also reports back to us after meetings.

Dan MacDonald - April 2018
Bob Stein News Clips - April 2018

Bob Stein News Clips - March 2018

Bob Stein News Clips - February 2018
Dan MacDonald - February 2018

Dan MacDonald - January 2018 - Trump Tax Effect
Bob Stein News Clips - January 2018

Updated: 3/15/2018