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Covid-19     New -Uusual symptoms of Covid-19 9/7/2020
                    Ohio House Bill 197
                    Ohio Senate Amendment

3/13/2020   Voucher Virtual Tele-Conference

     Increase in private school tuition vouchers is costing districts - and soon you
     State roll back expansion of voucher program? Posted Jan 27, 2020 
     Ohio families, private schools file lawsuit to block school voucher hold         
     Voucher info for GCRTA
     EdChoice Scholarship Program
     EdChoice - Idea Stream articles on vouchers
    Movement to fire Betsy DeVos

Bob Stein - Windfall Elimination Provision

Retired American Speak Out on COLAs

Social Security COLA Information  Attention!  This link will allow you to download and/or read the class action complaint being filed against STRS regarding the loss of our COLA

Ohio Third Grade Reading Guarantee

Mark Weaver's Shady Charter School Groups

Protect Our Pension POP5
     Bob Stein explains why POP5 is under fire
     OTRA and OEA speak out on POP5

Retirement Scandal
     Scandal of Retirement Pay Inequality

Education Funding
     How Much Did We Loose?  (December 2016)

Trump's Current Choice for Secretary of Education - Betty DeVos
      What Does It Mean If a School Choice Advocate becomes Secretary of Education?   
      Betty DeVos Brings Plenty of Anti-Education Baggage
      Group Owes $5.3 Million Dollars to Ohio

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