GCRTA Chapter History

On May 18, 1966, a group of retired teachers from Geauga County met for lunch at the Punderson Manor House, Newbury, Ohio.  Special guests from ORTA were First Vice-President W. Fletcher Simpson from Kent and Northeast Director Pro-tem Robert L. Fleming from Youngstown.  The business meeting was called to order by acting chairman Frank Schofield. 
Jo Urpi was appointed as acting secretary.
The next meeting was held on October 19, 1966, with twenty-seven retired teachers and guests present.  Frank Schofield explained that the time had come for an organization of retired educators in Geauga County.  Seventy-nine names were on the list of retirees.  He hoped the organization would find a way to express its wants or wishes for future programming.
The Chapter Constitution adopted a year later, stated:

Article 1
       Section 1  The name of the organization shall be Geauga County Retired Teachers Association.

       Section 2    The purpose of the organization shall be:
                                   A.     To aid in the advancement of public school
                                   B.      To foster good fellowship among retired public school teachers
                                   C.      To help promote the interest and welfare of retired public school teachers                                                                       throughout the state of Ohio

Charter Members

Dorothy M. Adams                      Martha C. Adkins                           Mary Aumick
Ethel Bell                                     Hazel Broughton                            Daisy Trask Canfield
Dorothea Canfield                        Ira Canfield                                    Jennie Chaffee
Ethel Clark                                   Helen Coats                                    Pauline Denniston
Hazel Ely                                      Lillian Siska Giffin                        Hazel Hanna
Wilma Henderson                         T. H. Hinkel                                   Bethel Irwin
Frances Kimpton                          Ethel Kleinshrot                             Eva Mathias
Aura Michener                             Ruth Moseley                                 Ida Munn
C.O. Reef                                     Kate Ridge                                      Blanche Russell
Frank Schofield                            Kathryn Schwindl                          Martha Schadduck
Lou Stanton                                  Margaret Thrasher                          Lucia Town
Jo Urpi                                          Helen Vanorsdale                           Gladys  Vaughn
Ouda Warner                                 Emily Whitney

Updated: 10/24/17